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Paraffin and Derivatives

Refined Paraffin 48º-50ºCRefined Paraffin 52º-54ºCRefined Paraffin 52º-55ºC. P-130Refined Paraffin 56º-58ºCRefined Paraffin 56º-58ºC. P-150Refined Paraffin 64º-66ºCRefined Paraffin 66º-69ºC. P-600Semi-refined Paraffin 52º-54ºCMicro 721 Low Melting PointMicro 725Micro 725 WhiteMicro G-75 SoftRehabilitation Paraffin: ParamedicParaffin B-20Light Medicinal OilTransparent GelatineWhite Medicinal Petroleum JellyVybar 260 Candle Additive

Natural Waxes

Stearic AcidRBD Palm WaxCH Yellow Beeswax BlockCM Yellow Beeswax BlockYellow Beeswax PelletsYellow Beeswax Pellets Eur. Ph.White Beeswax PelletsWhite Beeswax Pellets Eur. Ph.CAI WaxCarnauba Wax T-1Carnauba Wax T-3Carnauba Wax T-3. PowderCandelilia Wax PelletsSoy Wax CS-50Naturewax Soy Wax C-3 (Flakes)Wax for Melting: Filled Pattern Wax EX 40 (Blue)Wax for Melting: Unfilled Pattern Wax EX 200 (Green)

Candle Dye

YellowBlueWhiteIvoryOrangeBlackRedFluorescent PinkGreenViolet

Gums and Natural Earth Pigments

Brown Clay PowderGreen Clay PowderSupreme KaolinRosin ChunksGum Arabic GrainGum Arabic PowderDammar Gum AGuar GumABTM ShellacBlonde Unwaxed ShellacXanthan Gum


Carnauba Wax Emulsion: Emul CC 40Carnauba Wax Emulsion: Emul CC 40 Anti-slipParaffin Emulsion: Emul PF 60


USP Anhydrous LanolinRaw LanolinEthoxylated Lanolin 75 mTechnical Lanolin

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